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ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys 

The purpose of a land title survey is to locate, determine, or re-establish the perimeters, division lines, or boundaries of real estate. The results of the survey serve as evidence that the description in the purchase agreement matches the true state of the property. 

JL Surveying specializes in ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys which are the most comprehensive surveys available. We plot each element in a title report where easements and encroachments are on the property. We follow the standards set by ALTA and NSPS and show property boundaries, improvement information (height, size, setbacks, and more), and record title items such as easements. 

GPS Machine Control Modeling

Machine control technology gathers signals from on-site GPS base stations and compares the signals to prepared models and plans so equipment can precisely determine where and how to grade terrain.

With improved accuracy with GPS base stations and precise 3D models, JL Surveying is able to use in-field rovers and machines to complete actions at exact coordinates without spending time, effort and money placing stakes throughout the area. This enables our customers to cut, fill or dig to match coordinates on a digital topographic plan quickly and efficiently. This service is available world wide. 

Land Development

Land development is a complex process that involves the evaluation, planning, engineering, and construction of improvements on a piece of land based on codes and regulations set by the municipality and regulatory agencies. 

At JL Surveying we specialize in advising our clients on the kinds of structures that can be built on a property, the land use, the zoning requirements, and the site constraints. Let us help you match the right development to the right site. 

Subdivision Plats

JL Surveying specializes in creating subdivision plats that are drawn with specified scales to reflect the division of land. The plats indicate lot and block dimensions, boundaries of easements, alleyways, and streets. 

A subdivision plat is the recorded document that the title company uses to identify the location of a piece of property being purchased. A lot number is assigned to each lot located within the subdivision. 

Drone Surveys

A drone survey refers to the use of a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), to capture aerial data with downward-facing sensors, such as RGB or multispectral cameras. During a drone survey with an RGB camera, the ground is photographed several times from different angles, and each image is tagged with coordinates. 

By specializing in drone survey technology, JL Surveying can carry out topographic surveys of the same quality as the highly accurate measurements collected by traditional methods, but in a fraction of the time. 

Other Services Available

Boundary Surveys

This type of survey locates and identifies boundary lines between privately held parcels of land but does not include structures that have been built on the land. 

Mortgage Surveys

Similar to an ALTA survey, a mortgage survey is used when purchasing a home or piece of property. It verifies structures on the property, land and property title owners, and that the property meets all building and zoning codes before the purchase is made.

Condominium Surveys

A condominium conversion survey is a survey that establishes individual condominium units and is used when converting an apartment building with leased apartments into condominiums with private unit ownership. The survey will include unit identification, commonly shared spaces, and parking lot locations.

Construction Staking

Construction staking, also referred to as a "construction layout", consists of placing stakes on the ground where proposed features are to be built. The proposed feature location is taken from the construction plans. 

Global Positioning System

GPS is a satellite-based navigation and surveying system used for the determination of precise position and time of a point using radio signals from the satellites. It works based on the principle of trilateration. It is primarily a navigation system used for real-time positioning.

As-built Surveys

This survey shows the relationship of a new building to the plans and land on which the building stands or will stand. The As-built survey usually do not include information on title or boundary issues.

Topographic Surveys

The goal of a topographic survey is to locate and map each surface feature of a specific property. The survey will show the contours of the land, vegetation and physical attributes, and manmade utilities. Topographic surveys use three different methods to produce a topographical map: Aerial, GPS, and Total stations in which a field crew will directly map each feature within the project site.

Easement Plats

An easement is a legal right given to another person or entity to trespass upon, or use land owned by somebody else for a specific limited purpose. Easements are used for roads or given to utility companies for the right to bury underground utilities or access utility lines. A property owner cannot build on top of an easement. 

Drafting Services

Land surveyors depend on CAD drafting to design and update maps that highlight different terrains. JL Surveying offers 2D and 3D models of the surveyed area using computer software that provides a complete layout of the construction project.

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